10 Best SmartWatches Under 3000 Rs In India [Feature Loaded]

best smartwatches under 3000 rs

Smartwatches have become smarter than ever. From showing time to monitoring your heart rate, it does the entire job to make your life healthier and easier. It has become a new trend & companies are racing to manufacture the best smartwatch that outshines the other. Smartphones took the place of wristwatches & now the smartwatch is trying to take its place back with its exclusive and creative features. There is no worry about missing important messages or checking your phone … Read more

Best Tablets under 20000 Rs in India [2020]

best tablets under 20000

Many People prefer a handy tablet over the bulky laptops and notebooks for a justifiable reason. The tablet market in India is not that vast like smartphones but still, there are plenty of manufacturers that have some excellent tablet range. Tablets in India are available at a price tag as low as 4000 rs and up to lakhs. If you are considering buying a new tablet in the budget segment than the tablets under 20000 Rs are best for you … Read more

8 Best Washing Machines Under 20000 Rs In India 2020

Best Washing Machine under 20000 Rs

A washing machine is essential for every home as it reduces the efforts involved in washing the clothes and saves a lot of time too. Washing machines not only clean clothes, but it is also capable of warming the water, rinse the clothes, and can partially dry the clothes up to 75%. According to a study, an average Indian family has 4-5 members, and a washing machine of a capacity of 6-7 Kg is more than sufficient. People who are … Read more

Best Earphones Under 500 Rs In India [2020]

Best earphones under 500 Rs in India

It is not difficult to buy earphones under 500, most of the people prefer buying the earphones from online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart because of reasonable price and variety of options available. Buying earphones online isn’t a difficult thing but buying the right pair of earphones according to your need may be a difficult thing. To bring you out of this confusion we have created a list of best earphones under 500 Rs in India. Best earphones under … Read more

Choosing the Right Type of Washing machine for Yourself [Washing Machine Buying Guide] [2020].

Washing machine buying GUide

Washing Machines have become an integral part of our lives. A decade ago, washing machines were a status symbol in India and were used by only rich people. With the advancement of technology and aggressive price competition between manufacturers has made it possible for common people to buy a washing machine. If you are looking to buy a washing machine for your home or for any professional usage than we have created a checklist of things which you should keep … Read more