Best fitness band under 2000 INR in India.

The trend of fitness band is on a hike nowadays, fitness bands have almost taken over the smartwatches market due to the cheap price and wide variety of fitness band. One can easily get a fitness band at a comparatively lower price. The main function of a fitness band is to track your day to day activities like the distance you walked, the time you slept, calories you burned and even most of the bands can track the heart rate of the user.You can easily get a well functional best fitness band under 2000 in India.

In recent time Fitness bands were only made keeping gym freaks in mind but after the introduction of other handy features, other people also liked wearing it. The demand of the fitness band is so high that often the best fitness band on online shopping platforms are out of stock. If you are planning to buy a fitness band then before choosing the right fitness band for yourself have a look at our list of ” best fitness under 2000 in India ”

Band Name.Check out at Amazon
1. Mi band 3
2. Noise colour fit Fitness band.
3. Smart Fitness Band, HolyHigh 115Plus
4. GOQii fitness tracker.
5. Bingo Smart Band/Bracelet F-4

1.Mi band 3

Quick Highlights

  • 0.78 inches OLED display.
  • Touch scree.
  • Heart rate sensor.
  • Long battery life.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Notification alert.

After the success of my band, 2 and mi band HRX edition Xiaomi some days back launched its new Mi fitness band 3. Mi band 3 is the successor of old mi fitness band two which was priced around 1700 Indian rupees.

The new mi fitness band comes with a bigger touch screen display of 0.78 inches. Whereas the old mi fitness band had a physical touch button at the bottom to operate at the bottom.The touchscreen of the fitness band is black and white and can be used to switch between the different features of this band.A small round engraving is at the bottom of the band(not a physical button) which is used to select the option on screens. After connecting this band to your smartphone you will be able to get called, messages and other app’s notification on the screen. While a call comes it shows the name/number of the caller and also gives an option to reject the incoming call.
The heart rate sensor is at the back and it does its job very well. The wearer can also set the automatic heart rate tracking at some given intervals.

Xiaomi claims a battery life of 20 days but the battery life varies greatly with the usage of heart rate sensor and other features like sleep monitor etc.

The strap is made up of soft silicone materials like the old generating mi band and feels comfortable while wearing. The design of the strip is neat and holds the main capsule firmly in position.
Overall the mi 3 fitness band is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best fitness band under 2000 INR.

2.Noise colour fit Fitness band.

Quick Highlights

  • Variety of colours
  • Inbuilt USB
  • 0.96 TFT Inches display
  • Coloured display
  • Heart Rate, BP, oxygen level sensors.
  • Notification alert

Noise has a wide variety of fitness wears. The noise colour fit fitness band is the entry-level product offered by this manufacturer.This is a reasonable alternative to mi band 3 for some obvious reasons which we will discuss below in detail.

Noise colours it comes with a numbers of colour option i.e. blue, green, pink and black.The strap is made of soft silicone material. The main compartment of the band(capsule) can be detached from strap same like my fitness band 3. To charge this band a USB type A is already attached to this band and can directly be popped into any regular mobile charge adaptor without the USB cable. The display screen is 0.96 inches TFT touch screen which is a little bigger than what my band 3 offers. The best part about the display is that it is multicoloured and looks quite good in outdoor sunlight.

The watch at backside has some sensors like heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level. Yes, you read it right it offers BP and oxygen level sensor also which other manufacturers lack to provide. The band also has three watch faces which can be modified according to your need.

Despite so many features, this smartband lacks in the battery compartment. The band has a 90mah battery and you can get an uptime of 7 days with automatic function set off.With moderate usage and all notification enabled it can still last for 2-3 days.

3.Smart Fitness Band, HolyHigh 115Plus

Quick Highlights

  • 0.96 inches OLED display
  • Variety of colours.
  • Inbuilt USB
  • Pedometer
  • Coloured display.
  • Notification Alert.

The holy high 115 plus band has a 0.96 inches OLED display. The screen is coloured display and comes with a small button to make a selection on the screen just like the mi band 2. This band comes in a variety of colour combinations and gives a sporty look overall. You will not need an additional charger as it consists a USB type an along with its screen. To charge this device only remove the strap and put the main device into any USB port.

Talking about the features it has a heart rate sensor at the back which can accurately measure the heart rate. You can also enable the automatic heart rate sensor for continuous monitoring of your heart rates at regular intervals. It also has a pedometer which works fine in counting the steps walked. The sleep monitor features are also present in this and it can tell you the quality of sleep you had.

Additionally, after connecting it with your smartphone, you will receive all messages and other third-party app’s notification right at your wearable band. It also supports the feature “lift wrist to wake up”. It is capable to act as a remote camera shutter and you can click the photos from your phone without touching the phone with the help of this fitness band. User’s reported average battery life of around a week with moderate usage which is quite impressive.

4.GOQii fitness tracker.

Quick Highlights

  • Heart rate sensor.
  • Notification Alerts.
  • Health Monitoring.
  • Experts consultancy.
  • Notification alert.

This app is something different than another fitness band available in the market. It is a kind of startup idea which monitors your healthcare activities like heart rate distance walked etc and uploads it to their server. A team of affiliate coaches and physicians are there to helps you regarding the nutrition and other healthcare related issues. They monitor your activities and sends you with feedback and other alerts. They can even book an appointment on your behalf or can buy you medicine of necessary from their affiliate online stores.

When you buy a new fitness band it comes with a 3-month subscription after that you have to buy a subscription in order to use their personal healthcare related services. However, you will be able to use all other features of this band without any subscription.

Talking about the features it has a big Led screen which shows you the time and other healthcare activities along with the app’s notification and call, messages, email, and other app’s notification. It also had a pedometer and calories counter to help you set your daily goals. The band doesn’t need an additional charger as it already has an inbuilt USB type an at one band of the tracker. You only need to put that USB into any USB port.The average battery life you will get is around 5-days which is fair enough.

5.Bingo Smart Band/Bracelet F-4



Quick Highlights

  • Attractive design.
  • Round shape.
  • Coloured display.
  • Heart rate sensor.
  • Notification alert

This band is unique from other bands in term of looks and without any debate, it is the best-looking fitness band among all.This band has a round shape with a round coloured touch screen display, which looks quite good. The strap is made up of a soft silicone material having a sporty look with two colour combinations.The holes are punched on the entire strap which makes it extremely adjustable according to the wrist size.

Talking about. the features this band has in-built heart rate sensor and a blood pressure monitoring sensor. Both the sensor are quite accurate and gives the same reading that of an actual BP and heart rate measuring devices.You can connect this device to your mobile phone and it can show you the call, notification and messages alert on this device.User reports an uptime of around 2 days with a fully charged device.It is also water resistant(not water-
proof) and can resist the water splashes up to some extents.

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