Best PUBG trigger for mobiles under 500 Rs. in India

PUBG(Player unknowns battleground) is one of the most addictive and trending games in India. PUBG is an online multiplayer shooting game in which you have to kill other players to win the game. Those who play games on PC and gaming consoles know that playing games on consoles are much easier than playing these games on mobile devices. It is difficult to run and shoot simultaneously because most people play with two fingers. Now in the following scenario PUBG triggers comes to save you.

PUBG triggers are small accessories which can be mounted on mobile devices at the corner with the help of a tightening clamp which serves as an extra L1/L2 button like the traditional gamepad. This means you can move your player using your mobile screen and to fire and open scope these PUBG triggers can be used. These PUBG triggers don’t need any battery or power source to work as they physically touch the screen just like the tap of your finger.
Below we have listed the Best PUBG trigger under 500 rs. in India.

Trigger NameImageCheck out at Amazon
1.RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger R11.pubg triggers
2.MStick Red Metal PUBG Game pubg trigger
3.Nwark Mobile Game pubg trigger in india
4. Miscellaneous device PUBG Mobile Gaming pubg trigger
5.TOTU PUBG Gaming Joystick for Mobile.Best PUBG trigger

1.RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger R11. 

pubg triggers

Premium Built Quality

☛Stable to use

☛Transparent body

☛Video Tutorial

☛Attractive case

RPM Euro gamepad is the best PUBG trigger among all. It is mostly sold PUBG trigger on Amazon India. This PUBG trigger is light in weight because of aluminum used in this. The front jaw of this trigger is transparent and one can see the things through it easily. The back tightening arrangement is made of aluminum and it can be turned tight just like screws. It covers less area than other PUBG triggers. It comes with a nice box to keep your pubg trigger’s pair safe. In the box, you will also get an extra pair of rubber grip which can be used to replace the rubber grip if it gets old. Box also consists of a starting manual and a barcode is printed on the manual which on scanning takes you to the video tutorial of this PUBG triggers.

2.MStick Red Metal PUBG Game Trigger. 

best pubg trigger

Attractive design

☛Both side usable

☛Good built quality

☛Takes less screen space.

☛Attractive case

Mstick triggers are made keeping oppo and vivo in mind however these can be used on other phones too. These look attractive in red color and are made of good quality plastic. The tightening arrangement relies on a clip arrangement which can sometimes cause slipping problems. This pair of PUBG trigger comes in a small attractive box and the printed rate is 599 Rs. This trigger can be used both sides means that you can clamp left side trigger to the right side of your mobile whereas in other pubg triggers you can only clamp the triggers to the specified side.

3.Nwark Mobile Game Controller.

best pubg trigger in india

☛Strong built quality.

☛Dual Clamp.

☛Easily Adjustable.


☛Attractive case

These Pubg triggers are the most stable among other PUBG triggers. These triggers have a wide and rigid holding clip, which holds these clamps firmly. The triggers are made using plastic and an aluminum strip is passed through the plastic frame from the trigger to the screen of mobile. These triggers have double grip for better stability which covers a large area of your screen and plastic is also not transparent but the double clamp can be clamped on bezels of your mobile phone. It comes packed in a small black box where you can keep these triggers after using.

4. Miscellaneous device PUBG Mobile Gaming Console.

best pubg trigger

☛Unique design.

☛Easily adjustable.

☛Feels like a joystick


☛One year warranty.

This Pubg trigger is different than other triggers available in the market. it covers the whole mobile and looks like a gaming pad. It has to controller buttons at the top which is made up of plastic. The controller on touching gives a mechanical click feeling and quite accurate and responsive. This Pubg trigger also has a back stand which can be used to mount the mobile phone on a table at a certain angle. The console is adjustable width wise and consists of a spring arrangement which holds the mobile firmly in position. Smaller mobile devices like iPhone 5 can have issues in fitting but mobiles having size more than 5 inches can easily equip this PUBG trigger. The manufacturer claims to provide a warranty period of 1 year for this product.

5.TOTU PUBG Gaming Joystick for Mobile.


Best PUBG trigger

☛Very light-weight

☛Easy to use.

☛Transparent body.

☛Clip Arrangement.

☛Attractive case.

The Totu PUBG trigger is the most lightweight mobile trigger among all other four triggers, it only weights 100grams. This trigger is having a transparent plastic frame outside aluminum trigger. It also has a clip like a tightening arrangement which holds the triggers in position. It comes with a plastic transparent box which can be used to store the triggers after use. Some people complain about damage to their screen after using this trigger so be aware of it. The triggers are slight band at the backside which gives a better feeling of holding the trigger with fingers.

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