10 Best SmartWatches Under 3000 Rs In India [Feature Loaded]

Smartwatches have become smarter than ever. From showing time to monitoring your heart rate, it does the entire job to make your life healthier and easier.

It has become a new trend & companies are racing to manufacture the best smartwatch that outshines the other. Smartphones took the place of wristwatches & now the smartwatch is trying to take its place back with its exclusive and creative features.

There is no worry about missing important messages or checking your phone all the time. Smartwatches have made it easier to receive calls, messages, emails, and social media notification. The small compact sized smartwatches can perform all the big functions.

Some may want to buy their first smartwatch and others may want to replace their old ones. So this article is for everyone who wants a good, reasonable, and upgraded smart wearable at an affordable price. Out of a generous amount of watches we choose 10 Best Smartwatches under 3000 Rs to make you healthy, happy, and satisfied with the stylish and cool look in your budget.

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Best Smartwatches Under 3000 Rs In India

Best Smartwatches Under 3000 Rs


1. Noise ColorFit Pro SmartWatch

2. HolyHigh 205L SmartWatch

3. OPTA SB-174 SmartWatch

4. Muzili SmartWatch

5. Vikyuvi Vikfit Pro SmartWatch

6.  Portronics YOGG Kronos-A SmartWatch

7. SClout W34 SmartWatch

8. Eyuva V9 SmartWatch

9. Oraimo Tempo-W Smartwatch

10. Alician 3C SmartWatch

1. Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch

Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness watch is an epitome of upgraded features. It tracks your health, provides you a weather report, and gives notification alerts.

The low price does not always mean compromise with the quality and ColorFit has proved this. Its amazing performance and stylish look makes it one of the best smartwatches under 3000.

Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and daily routine with Noise ColorFit Fitness Watch.

Build and Design: ColorFit Pro has a compact and lightweight metal unibody design. It has a dimension of 4.8 x 3.5 x 1.3 cm and weighs 58 grams.

The premium material makes it feel comfortable on the wrist. It is equipped with a detachable silicone strap. The IP68 waterproof rating protects it from spills and rain.

Display: 2.5D coloured1.2 inchesIPS LCD screen has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The square display with auto brightness adjustment provides clear and legible data.

It has a sensitive and single touch panel. 9.5 mm Zing magnesium alloy dial case provides its toughness and protects it from scratches. The display quality of Noise ColorFit Pro has left an impact on its users.

Battery Life: Noise innovative smartwatch requires one lithium-ion battery. It has a fantastic battery life of up to 3 days on normal usage. On standby mode, it even lasts up to 12 days. Charge it once and keep getting updates of your health and workouts for several hours.

Features: Noise has manufactured this latest smartwatch with all the possible latest technologies and features. Equipped with Bluetooth v4.1, it is compatible with android (4.4 and above) and iOS (9.0 and above).

The optical heart rate sensor in Da Fit app tracks heart rate 24/7. colorful Pro is an ideal watch for swimming as it is swim-proof up to 1.5m for 30 minutes. VO2 Max metrics optimizes the performance.

From running, cycling to badminton, football, and many more sports modes can be tracked. Control your camera and music player and get detailed information about temperature and weather on your wrist. Receive important messages, call alerts, and notifications from your smartwatch.


  • Swim proof
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Reasonable price


  • Low Brightness
  • Absence of Gorilla Glass

2. HolyHigh 205L Smart Watch

HolyHigh makes products for all the economic sections. When talking about the best smartwatches under 3000 Rs, HolyHigh 205L is sure to find a place in it.

From 10 days of battery life to its light and cool body design everything is better than best. Step into the healthy world with this outstanding smartwatch.

It is long-lasting with an IP68 rating that protects it from water and dust.

Get yourself a HolyHigh 205L smartwatch and stand out in a crowd with its stupefying features.

Build and Design: The durability and simple yet attractive look of the HolyHigh 205L Smart Watch have garnered a lot of customers. The square dial and breathable strap make it comfortable to wear. With an IP68 rating, it not only becomes waterproof but also dustproof.

Display: HolyHigh’s one of the smartest creations has an IPS colored HD display of 1.3 inches. It offers 4 stylish time dials to choose from as per your taste. The touch screen is sensitive making it easy to operate. Get a clear view of the time, your health, and workout data.

Battery Life: The highlight of this amazing smartwatch is its battery life. It has an exceptional battery life of about 10 days. It stays more on your wrist than in the plug. Charge it once for 2 hours and take your ideal companion out on an adventure.

Features: The HolyHigh 205L Smart Watch has all the fitness tracker features that are needed for one’s benefits. It supports 9 sports modes such as running, walking, hiking, biking, treadmill, exercise, climbing, dynamic bicycle, and yoga. Auto continuous heart rate monitoring lets you know your heart better. Get an insight into your sleep quality.

HolyHigh 205L knows what is best for you; it gives a sedentary reminder to relax your body. Have a personal breathing guide. Pair up your watch with your mobile with app Very fit Pro and receive calls and message notifications. With the app, you can also control your music player. It has an amazing phone finder feature and GPS.


  • IP68 waterproof and dust proof
  • 10 days battery life
  • Built in GPS


  • Compatible with few devices
  • Issue with touch
  • Not resistant to hot water

 3. OPTA SB-174 Smart Watch

OPTA SB-174 Smart Watch stirred up the world of smartwatches with its elite features at a modest price. With its contemporary look, it boosts up the confidence.

The promising visual performance is the cherry on the top. The premium quality material protects it from all the rough surroundings.

Track your sports activities, receive smartphone notifications, and get a complete update of your health with its latest technologies.

Unlike all the other smartwatches it is compatible with almost all the android and iOS phones. Buying OPTA SB-174 is always a clever choice.

Build and Design: OPTA SB-174 SmartWatch has a well built and imperishable body. The silicone strap keeps the wrist stress free and feels comfortable. It is equipped with an IP68 waterproof rating. The round dial gives a classy and elegant look.

Display: The highly in-demand smartwatch has got 1.54 inches IPL OLED display. The colored screen has a round display. The full touchscreen display is effortless to operate with just your fingerprint. It also has a button.

Customizable watch face lets you change the watch face as per your mood. The large screen makes the information legible which makes it one of the best smartwatches under 3000.

Battery Life: The OPTA SB-174 Smart Watch is equipped with a battery of capacity 170mAh with a magnetic charger. With excessive usage, the battery drains in 1 to 2 days. With normal and adequate usage its battery life extends to 3 to 5 days.

Features:  The upgraded smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.2 and above. It supports the DA Fit app to pair it up with the smartphone. OPTA smart wearable is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0.

It tracks distance, calories, and pedometer. Sleep monitoring and stopwatch are also some of its beneficial features. It also supports the multi-sports mode. To keep you fit and fine it monitors heart rate, check BP and SPO2.

Receive intelligent notifications for calls, messages, and social media. Control your music from your wrist. With OPTA SB-174 remote control photo. It even sends sedentary reminders.


  •  Durable glass
  •  Stylish look
  •  Reasonable price


  • Low Battery life
  • No built in GPS

4. Muzili Smart Watch

Muzili smartwatch has made its place in the world of smart wearable with its efficiency and performance.

Taking off your watch every time you wash your hands is an old story now. With an IP68 rating, it is fully waterproof.

It is compatible with almost all the android and iOS smartphones making it the topmost choice of the customers.

Be updated with your health and live a healthy life with this watch. Take your partner wherever you go with its marvelous battery life of 10 days. At the given rate it is one of the finest products.

 Build and Design: Muzili smart watch has done justice to the traditional square dial. It is built with premium quality material giving it the unmatched look that every smart watch aspires.

It offers an adjustable wrist band of maximum wrist size of 210mm to minimum of 125mm. The adjustable band makes it well suited for men, women and children. IP68 rating makes it waterproof up to 50 metres.

Display: Muzili smartwatch provides a colorful display for a lively experience. It has a full HD touch screen. Swipe up and down, left and right effortlessly. The 1.3-inch large screen offers a larger view of activity data. Read time and other data plainly even under the glare.

Battery Life: The chief feature of the Muzili Smartwatch is its battery life. It is equipped with a battery of 210mAh which requires 2.5 hours to fully charge through magnetic attachments.

Once charged completely it has sufficient power to last for 10 long days of daily use. It has 30 days of standby time. Not every smartwatch can afford such an outstanding battery life at such a rate and subsequently making it one of the best smartwatches under 3000.

Features: Coming to features, Muzili has all the features that a magnificent smartwatch should have. It supports 9 sport modes to help you reach your fitness goal. Whether its calories, distance, or steps it tracks all the activities accurately.

Get your heart rates monitored 24/7 and receive calls and messages alerts. The smart wearable supports stopwatch and music control features. All these features are compatible with iOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.4, and above smartphones.


  • Outstanding battery life
  •  Full touch screen
  •  Adjustable wristband


  • No built in GPS

5. Vikyuvi Vikfit Pro Smart Watch

Get smarter with Vikyuvi smartwatch that keeps a track of your health and creates a healthy environment for you.

The smart wearable is manufactured to last longer and effectively. Get to know your body in a better and detailed way with this latest watch.

It is a package of exciting and upgraded features that not only makes us fit but also makes our everyday job easier.

Build and Design: Vikyuvi Vikfit Pro has a light and compact size. It has an aluminum, polycarbonate composite case that makes it light and comfortable to wear.

The body is well built and can sustain all scratches and rough environments. It has a dimension of 4.1 x 3.6 x 1.2 cm and weighs 46 grams. It has a swappable silicone strap and stainless steel clips.

Display: The 1.4 inches display screen of VikFit Pro is square in shape. It has a full silky soft touch screen with vibrant colors. The screen is large enough to provide clear activity data. It is equipped with 150+ watch faces to choose from.

Battery Life: The smart wearable of Vikyuvi, VikFit Pro has a lithium polymer battery. The battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Forgot your charger at home?

Not a problem anymore with VikFit Pro. Forget about charging your smart wearable frequently and enjoy 10 days of battery life and 30 days of standby time.

Features: Vikyuvi VikFit Pro has a built-in heart optical heart rate sensor that monitors heart rate all day long. Now you can even measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen level just on your wrist.

Make your workouts fruitful by tracking all the sports activities, calories, and steps. It monitors sleep quality to make you understand better about your body.

Pair your watch with your smartphone with the Da Fit app and receive call alerts, messages, and notifications. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and has Bluetooth version 4.2+.

You can also control the music player and click a snap. Alarm, timer, stopwatch, weather forecast, battery level display are some of the smartphone features that VikFit Pro offers. Proximity sensor, find my phone, do not disturb mode and OTA updates make it unique.


  • Water resistant
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • 10 days of battery life


  • No GPS
  • Not Always on display

6. Portronics YOGG Kronos-A Smart Watch

Get smarter with Protronics smartwatch, YOGG Kronos-a. Make healthy goals for your fit and fine lifestyle with the wearable and get reminders to achieve those goals.

It goes with casual as well as formal wear. Take your best companion with you to the gym and intense workout sessions.

Other than keeping you updated with your body condition it also boosts up your style with its cool and elegant look.

Almost 10 days of battery life and pocket-friendly price makes it the top choice of all the fitness freaks.

Build and Design: Portronics YOGG Kronos-a Smartwatch is manufactured with selective premium material to its elegant and tough look. 25 grams of this watch feel congenial on the wrist.

The product has a dimension of 11 x 7.39 x 5.41 cm. With an IP68 rating, the watch becomes water-resistant. Wear it on windy days, rain, or on dusty roads, it will survive all the weather conditions with dustproof quality.

Display: The smartwatch has a 1.3-inch colored square display. The fully touch-enabled screen is convenient to operate. It provides a clear and accurate reading of heart rate, calories steps, and many more.

Even in the dimmest room or brightest outdoor get a clear view of your data with YOGG Kronos-a smartwatch.

Battery Life: The smarter than ever watch comes with a built-in lithium-polymer battery. It has a capacity of 210mAh and needs 2-3 hours to charge completely. With the normal usage, the battery lasts for 8-10 days making it one of the best smartwatches under 3000.

The battery is easily charged with a magnetic charging cable. All this makes the Portronics Smartwatch extremely easy to use.

Features: Love your body a little more by taking care of it with Protronics’ upgraded product, YOGG Kronos-a smartwatch. Connect your watch with your smartphone with the Veryfit pro app.

Receive notifications and calls alerts. It supports Bluetooth version 4.2. Get your heart rate monitored on your wrist whenever and wherever you want. Keep yourself updated with your sleep quality. Set goals for calories, distance, steps, and other reminders.


  •    Brilliant battery life
  • Comfortable to wear
  •  Affordable price


  • Water resistant but not waterproof
  •  Less activity tracker options

7. SClout W34 Fit Pro Series 4

Want an experience of owning a smartwatch then SClout W34 Fit Pro series 4 is the cleverest choice.

It will take you to the journey of a smartwatch at a very reasonable price. Receive and make calls through your smart wearable. Not only that, but you can also receive social media messages and notifications.

It uses the latest Electrocardiogram technology with PPG to do a physical examination that can be shared with the doctor for reference.

Level up your style and health with the most eloquent smartwatch, SClout W34 Fit Pro Series 4.

Build and Design: SClout W34 Fit Pro comes with the finest quality material. PVC gives it a tough and lasting body. The 50 grams watch has a dimension of 12 x 11 x 7 cm.

The silicon straps are breathable and absorb sweat. Make your wrist feel the softness and greatness of exclusive SClout W34 Fit Pro Series 4.

Display: To own the best quality display is the key feature of any smartwatch. SClout has a 1.3 inches OLED screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The touch screen makes it effortless to operate.

Top class display with the classic square case makes it the best smartwatch under 3000. Even in the brightest sunlight, it offers a clear glance at the screen.

Battery Life: SClout W34 Fit Pro Series 4 is equipped with one lithium-ion battery. The battery is charged through USB. One charge lasts for a full day. Relish its benefits all day long without any interruption.

Features: Pair up your device with your SClout smartwatch through Bluetooth version 4.0 and receive messages and social media notifications alerts. Now you can also receive and make Bluetooth calls from your watch.

It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above version and iOS 8.0 and above. Set a sedentary reminder and receive little buzz that does not feel harsh on your wrist.

The smart use PPG+ECG technology to do a physical examination of your heart. Electrocardiogram detects chest pain, chest tightness, palpitation, breath-holding, and dizziness. Optical heart rate sensors get combined with intelligent algorithms to track your heart rate.


  • Electrocardiogram technology
  •  Pocket friendly
  • Stylish design


  • Low battery life
  •  Less activity tracker features
  • Not waterproof

8.   Eyuva V9 SmartWatch

Eyuva has made its reputation in the field of electronic devices in a very short period. With its brand new model, Eyuva V9 it has again made highlights.

The Sim slot makes it stand out in the crowd of smartwatches. No other watch on the list offers it. It is large and bulky. From its case to its strap everything is made from top-notch material.

Get your steps counted without any trouble. Follow the trend and make everyone follow you with this topmost smartwatch.

Buy it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones; it guarantees happiness and health.

Build and Design: Every equipment, material, and technologies used for the manufacture of the Eyuva V9 smartwatch is foremost. It is equipped with the best quality of chipset and working memory.

130 grams of weight makes it quite bulky. The availability of a sim slot has made it unique from all the other smartwatches and brings it to the list of Best smartwatches under 3000 Rs.

Display: Never forget your origin; something Eyuva justified with its round dial. The best segment display and touch is its highlight. It is equipped with semi-permeable colorful glass. The display lets you know all the information and data with high visibility.

Battery Life: The battery life of Eyuva V9 is satisfactory. It needs to be charged for 6 to 8 days before first use. It has a battery backup of 2 hours. It has extensive features that make the battery life quite low but long enough to keep you entertained. Wear your ideal watch to the gym, offices, and parties.

Features: The Eyuva V9 smartwatch is compatible with all the android and most iOS smartphones. You can also pair up your watch with your tablets and PC. Pairing up can be done by Bluetooth as well as NFC.

Sync your social media to read messages and receive notifications. It has an in-built microphone that lets you make and receive calls and even control the music player. Other features include a pedometer, sedentary reminders, and sleep monitoring for your well-being.


  •  Connects through Bluetooth and NFC
  • Semi-permeable colourful glass
  • Reasonable price


  •  Low battery life
  •   No heart rate sensor
  • Not Waterproof

9. Oraimo Tempo-W SmartWatch

Oraimo Tempo-W qualities speak for it. From its design to its battery life everything is exceptionally good.

No doubt it is the best smartwatch under 3000. It has 20 days of battery life, something never seen or heard before.

This outstanding battery life is one thing that is missing from all the other smartwatches. Get yourself in good shape with its superior features.

Build and Design: Oraimo picked the four best materials to manufacture Tempo-W- ABS, PC, Alloy, and TPU. The smart wearable offers a silky soft and skin-friendly strap attached to a smooth alloy case. It measures approximately 28.3 grams.

The dimension of the product is 13 x 12.6 x 8 cm with a circular dial. The straps have a decent size of 245mm. Laboratory tested; Tempo-W is water, dust, and splash resistant.

Display: It offers 1.3 inches HD colored screen. Tempo-W displays clear and bright colors. Get a brighter and smarter view with the smartest watch. It provides a legible view even in the brightest light.

The IPS display screen makes it one of the best smartwatches under 3000. There are three clock faces to set your watch according to your taste.

Battery Life: The Tempo-W comes with one lithium polymer battery which has an energy content of 4.9 Watt-hours and a voltage of 0.88 volts.

The battery has a capacity of 240mAh which has an outstanding battery life of up to 20 days. Tempo-W has achieved this near to impossible battery life with Oraimo advanced Power-Saving technology.

Features: Oraimo’s amazing smartwatch is full of interesting features. You don’t need your mobile every 24 hours to check your messages. With Tempo-W you can receive calls, messages, and social media notifications. Keep in touch with your loved ones just with a watch.

The smart monitoring system with an innovation sensor monitors your heart rate automatically all the time. From distance walked, steps to calories burned, it keeps track of your daily routine.

The watch loves and makes you love your body by giving you light buzz to walk when you are sitting for too long. Get to know better the consistency of your sleep with the latest watch.


  •   20 Day Battery Life
  • Three clock faces
  • Water, dust and splash resistant


  • No GPS
  • Not always on display

10. Alician 3C Electronics W34 Smart Watch

Start a healthy life with one and only Alician 3C Electronic W34 Smartwatch.

It provides a crystal clear glimpse of the screen even in the brightest light. The premium quality material and sophisticated design bring it the charm that it has.

It comes with some of the top-notch features to make your life easier, cheerful, and exciting.

Find your best friend in the upgraded Alician 3C Electronics smartwatch.

Build and Design: Alician 3C Electronics W34 Smartwatch has got the voguish look. The black and silver both the colors are extraordinary. The strong and durable case is made from alloy. It has dimensions 44 x 38 x 10.7mm. The TPU straps are breathable and comfortable to wear.

Display: No matter how exciting features or stylish your smartwatch looks, if it does not provide a clear and fine quality display everything goes in vain.

Alician 3C Electronics has satisfied its users with its 1.54 inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The 2.5 D fox surface capacitive screen is a full touchscreen.

Battery Life: Alician’s modish and pocket-friendly smartwatch is equipped with 380mAh high capacitive polymer battery. It charges through a USB charging cable.

The battery life of this wearable depends upon its usage. On heavy usage, it lasts for 8 to 9 hours and with normal usage, the battery life can extend to 12-13 hours.

Features: The smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth function and version 3.0 and 4.0. It supports Bluetooth calls. Get messages notifications on your wrist. Get to know your body and health in a better way with the complete ECG analysis.

It detects and monitors heart rate. Calories burned and consumed are mentioned right on the screen. Improve your sleeping habits and receive sedentary reminders to change your unhealthy lifestyle.

The smartwatch features anti-lost reminders to find your phone. You can play and control music and snap your favorite memories with the Bluetooth camera. The watch supports multi-language packages making it ideal for everyone.


  •  ECG Analysis
  • Reasonable Price


  • No GPS
  • Not Always on display
  •  Not Waterproof

Final Verdict

After a lot of scrutinies, I have picked the 10 Best smartwatches under 3000 Rs in India. If you own any of these labels on your wrist, then be relieved cause you are on the right track.

The best quality material and technologies have made them worth the money and praise. If you don’t have any of these or you are looking for an affordable smartwatch, then these smartwatches are the best choice.

Got higher budget? Don’t forget to checkout best smartwatches under 5000 Rs in India [For Men & Women].

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