Best virtual debit/credit card in India Master , Visa, Rupay.

With the increasing demand for virtual credit/debit cards by Indian customers, most of the payment banks and gateways are offering virtual credit/debit cards. People who are wondering “what is a virtual debit card and how it works I am giving below a brief description.

What is a virtual credit/debit card?

A virtual debit card is same as your regular debit card but it is virtually stored in your device. You can use its numbers, CVV and expiry date to make online transactions but cannot use it inside a ATM machine (as it is stored inside your phone or PC).

How does the virtual Debit/credit card work?

In most of the virtual debit cards first, you need to add some money using net banking or your regular debit/credit card. The added money will be stored in your virtual debit card and you can use this money to make online transactions.
To make an online transaction you will only need to enter the card number, Cvv, and expiry date.
Isn’t it a great way to make a debit card quickly without visiting the bank.

Why you need a virtual debit card (Advantages of virtual debit cards.)

  1. To start the free trial of many services like Netflix, AWS, Ahrefs, etc.
  2. Grab the online deals and offers (which are dependent upon the type of card or bank)
  3. To make payment to untrusted merchants.
  4. To have a secondary method of payment of your primary method isn’t working.

If you are in any of the above condition or if you need the above advantages, then we have made your work easy by creating the list of best virtual debit cards in India.

Card NameImage
1.PayZapp (HDFC Bank).best virtual credit card
2.Digi purse (Union Bank)best virtual credit card
3.Kotak Mahindra 811 virtual debit virtual credit card
4.Airtel Payment Bank debit virtual credit card
5.Oxygen wallet virtual virtual credit card

1.PayZapp (HDFC Bank).

best virtual credit card

PayZapp is a good option for the people who are looking for an HDFC debit card.PayZapp is an android app created by HDFC bank which is actually a digital wallet. You simply add money from your primary account to this wallet and use its virtual debit card for online payment. Other than the virtual card it also has the ability to send and receive money in its wallet. Water and electricity bills can be paid using this wallet.Payzapp has its own UPI which you can use to link your bank account with Payzapp wallet. Payzapp app has a lot of cashback offers on recharge and other utility bill payments.

The feature which makes it best is its ability to store cards. You only need to set debit card and every time when you need to add money it will automatically show the previous card used for payment.
When using its virtual card if you exit the app it will show card number in the status bar to make your payment easy.

2.Digi purse (Union Bank)

best virtual credit card

This is a mobile app wallet made by Union Bank of India. This is the part of main U-mobile app which acts as a digital wallet. This app can be used to make an online payment and recharges. It also has the option to link other bank’s account with this app.

This app has inbuilt UPI which can be registered to make payment via your bank account. You will get a virtual Visa card with the digi purse which can be used to make online payments via the amount stored in your wallet.

3.Kotak Mahindra 811 virtual debit card.

best virtual credit card

Kotak 811 is a great way to use a virtual card. To use this app you should have a bank account in Kotak Mahindra bank or you can simply open a new zero bank account online in minutes.

After creating a Kotak Mahindra bank account you will have access to all the features like a regular bank account. it’s the visual card is visa and is created in seconds when you finish setting-up it.

4.Airtel Payment Bank debit card.

best virtual credit card

This is the coolest digital wallet I came across. When you sign up for this app you get free one year Amazon prime membership and also three-month free Netflix subscription for free. this is the best reason to give this card a try.

Airtel offers a debit card through which you can make online payment of up to one lakh. You can save your money in this digital wallet and like a bank, you will also earn 4% interest annually on your amount.

5.Oxygen wallet virtual card.

best virtual credit card

Oxygen wallet gives you a free rupay debit card which can only be used in India. the oxygen wallet is very much similar to other apps in terms of wallet functionality. You will need to submit some documents for KYC to oxygen wallet to avail its all features. It also has a loan option which can be used to make payments without having funds in your bank account and oxygen will deduct the funds later from your account.

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