How to choose best mobile phone within a fixed budget (what things to consider)

The smartphone market is very aggressive in India. The intense competition between smartphone manufacturer to provide best features in less price is directly benificial for the customers. Every day a number of new features are introduced by smartphone manufracturers to make their hold in market.Often after a year the smartphone you buy gets outdated and the same price you can buy a new phone with better specification. But due to the ton of options available in the market it becomes ditficult to choose best phone for you. Below we will discuss 5 things which you should check in a phone before buying it.

1. Processor.

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Processor in mobiles does the same job as in PC’s. Processor in mobile is responsible for executing the day to day processes. A good processor can run your phone smoothly whereas a low powerfull processor can make your phone laggy.The clock speed of processor is also a governing factor in deciding best phone, more the clock speed of processor more the performance you will get.

There are many processor available in the market e.g. Snapdragon ,Mediatek ,Exynos and Kirin etc. These brands have a number of processors under their name and they often release their new processor.It is always good to check the Atuntu benchmark score of a particular processor before buying it.


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We can’t neglect the camera of any smartphone. Even the brands like oppo and vivo become popular due to their cameras. The youth of India has a great passion for tik-talk and like videos so ofcourse a good camera is required.
The MP(megapixel) doesn’t alone decide the quality of camera but the things like apparture and make also affects the picture qualities. Its difficult to decide the quality of camera without actually having a look at it. It is always advised to look at some camera samples and reviews to know about the camera quality of a smartphone.


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The biggest problem that most of the smartphone face is the battery backup.Battery capacities are measured in (mah.) more the battery capacity more up-time you will get. The battery backup you get not solely depends upon the battery capacity but the processor power consumption also effects it to a extent.

4.RAM and Storage space.

How to choose best mobile phone within a fixed budget (what things to consider)

RAM stands from Random Access Memory. Ram is a temporary memory which is occupied by various apps to do their processes. When that process gets completed RAM gets cleared.Every app that you will run on your android phone will consume a certain amount of Ram. With a large ram capacity more apps can be runned simultaneously.
Whereas storage is the primary storage of a mobile device which you will get without inserting any additional memory card. More storage space will allow you to store more data and files.

5.After sale support.

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Apart from all the features most of the smartphone manufracturers lack in after sale support.Most of the smart-phone companies have their partners service centers around India but it is always necessary to take advise from the existing user of a particular company.

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