Best virtual debit/credit card in India Master , Visa, Rupay.

best virtual card

With the increasing demand for virtual credit/debit cards by Indian customers, most of the payment banks and gateways are offering virtual credit/debit cards. People who are wondering “what is a virtual debit card and how it works I am giving below a brief description. What is a virtual credit/debit card? A virtual debit card is same as your regular debit card but it is virtually stored in your device. You can use its numbers, CVV and expiry date to make … Read more

Best PUBG trigger for mobiles under 500 Rs. in India

best pubg trigger under 500 in india

PUBG(Player unknowns battleground) is one of the most addictive and trending games in India. PUBG is an online multiplayer shooting game in which you have to kill other players to win the game. Those who play games on PC and gaming consoles know that playing games on consoles are much easier than playing these games on mobile devices. It is difficult to run and shoot simultaneously because most people play with two fingers. Now in the following scenario PUBG triggers … Read more

What is the difference between headphone and earphone (Which is better for you ?)

difference between headphone and earphone

Headphones and earphones both are identical words with some major difference and own advantages and disadvantages over each other. In this article, we will discuss the core differences and advantages/disadvantages of these two items in depth. After reading this article you will be able to decide which one you should buy earphones or headphones. This list of these comparisons will never be enough because the first thing which matters in deciding the winner between headphones and earphones is personal preference. … Read more

How to choose best mobile phone within a fixed budget (what things to consider)

How to choose best mobile phone within a fixed budget (what things to consider)

The smartphone market is very aggressive in India. The intense competition between smartphone manufacturer to provide best features in less price is directly benificial for the customers. Every day a number of new features are introduced by smartphone manufracturers to make their hold in market.Often after a year the smartphone you buy gets outdated and the same price you can buy a new phone with better specification. But due to the ton of options available in the market it becomes … Read more