Smartwatches vs Fitness bands what’s the difference ?

There is a vast demand of wearable gadget in market. When we talk about wearable gadgets the first two things which comes in our mind are smartwatches and smartbands.

but wait ?

do you know what’s the diffrence between a smartwatch and a fitness band ?

below we will discuss the various points which makes these two things diffrent from each other and based on these points you will be able to decide which one you should buy.

1. Functionality.

smartwatches vs fitness band

Main and most important diffrence between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker is the functionality. A typical smartwatch is made to perform all the tasks which you can do with your smartphone. A smartwatch may or may not have the fitness tracking features but a fitness tracker is always capable of tracking day to fitness activities.
An internal storage , RAM as well as speakers and Sim card slots are often found on the smartwatches wheras a fitness band is dependent on your smartphone to show and store data.
A fitness band has all the necessary sensors like , heart rate sensor, ECG sensor Pedometer, accelerometer etc. However these sensors can also be present on a smartwatch but in that case the smartwatch will cost very high.

2. Operating System.

smartwatches vs fitness band

Operating system makes a significant diffrence between the smartwatch and fitness band. Most of the smartwatches has a well polished and more functional OS as compared to the simple operating system found on the smartband.
Operating system in smartwatches is very much similar to that found on many smartphones (android OS ,ios in apple watch) Wheras fitness bands has an a custom operating system designed to show basic functionality like steps taken, heart rate and time.

3. Battery Life.

smartwatches vs fitness band

Battery life of fitness band with same battery capacity is very high as compared to a smartwatch.
Smartwatches gives more features as compared to the fitness band. Due to high functionality and more processing capablities smartwatches gets discharged in a day or two wheras due to limited features and less functionality a fitness band can give a descent battery life.

4. Size.

smartwatches vs fitness band

Often the size and weight of fitness band is compartively less than that of a full fledged smartwatch. A fitness band has no slots for sim and memory card which makes it compact in size. Whereas a smartwatch has to carry more sensors and slots which makes these a little bulky. As the name explains the size of fitness band normally is equal to a normal bracelet or a band whereas a smartwatch has all the functionalities and processing capabilities that of a smartphone , all these processors makes smartwatches a little heavier and larger in size.

5. Price.

smartwatches vs fitness bands

This is the main thing where smartwatches lefts behind. Smartphones are priced very much higher as compared to the fitness band due to diffrence in functionality.
You can easily get a well functional fitness band for around 2000 Rs wheras to buy a full fledged smartwatch you have to spend above 10k rupees in India.


From the points above it is clear that both smartwatches and smartbands have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a device to track your daily activities then fitness band is a great choice for you but if you need something like your smartphone which can be tied on your wrist then you should check out various smartwatches available in the market.

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